Typological Deformation of the Cube Using Mathematical Surface
under the direction of Pablo Lorenzo-Eiroa, Cooper Union

Using Rhino as a main platform, this project develops analogical strategies to use vectorial forces, surface writing, parametric design, and algorithms to affect the structure of vectorial solid and its ground in computer's virtual space. Its purpose is to use the digital media critically, manipulating analogue to digital, and digital to digital transmission of information from one program to another in order to formulate a personalized strategy to cut through the homogenization and standardization of contemporary digital platforms. The project is threefold - typological study of the domino house, for which Le Corbusier's Villa Stein was analyzed in its aspects of implied spatial conditions, development of various mathematical surfaces using Rhino, and deformation of the cube in Maya, informed by the math surface. Equations used to derive surfaces were manipulated to generate specific morphological conditions that corresponded with those which derived from the analysis. Math surfaces were understood both in terms of their mathematical operation as well as their spatial properties.