Still-Life City: Cemetery Block, 2007

This project studies existing conditions of a Manhattan city block in terms of its programmatic, tectonic, and historical implications along with an artist of choice whose life and work are rooted in New York City. A cemetery block was chosen as the site, which houses five different churches, a funeral house, and another cemetery in the adjacent blocks. The artist whose life and work ran parallel to this project is Louis Bourgeois. The reading of the city and that of the artist's works freely influenced one another in their analysis as well as in a series of reactions engendered through their parallel study. Rather than coming up with an intervention within the city block, this project finds ways to draw the city and to spatialize it. The city block functions not just as a site for new architecture, but as a subject whose portrait is to be drawn through this project. The outcome of this project takes the form of drawings and a monument of a cemetery - a still-life of the site.




program studies: sunday mass and funerals

cemetery #1  

cemetery #2: marble cells

cemetery #2: vaults

cemetery #2: the ground

cemetery #2  

drawing the cemetery  

site program  

site program  

site program  

monumentum #1: natura morta

monumentum #1: drawing

monumentum #2  

monumentum #2